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Surviving APT Attacks

Security breaches are costing businesses millions and the C-suite – their jobs. Target thought they were ready to defend against today’s advanced malware.

Are you ready?


WHEN: Wednesday 29th April


DURATION: 45mins 

Combating the Next Generation of Advanced Malware: 
Don’t miss this LIVE interactive webinar on the state of advanced malware with Brian Laing, VP of Business Development and Tyler Chen, Regional Sales Engineer at Lastline.Inc.
Find out what to do NOW to protect your business.

In this webinar you will:

-- Learn how APTs differ from other malware.
-- Discover how malware has evolved in recent years.
-- Review recent data from Lastline Labs.
-- Learn how hackers breach networks.
-- Explore what you can do to defend your clients.
-- Learn that with a little knowledge and foresight, you can implement the proper security technologies and strategies necessary to help keep your clients from becoming the next data breach headline.